How to Properly Care and Maintain Your Watch


There are a lot of expensive watches out there that are known for elegance and precision. It commands higher price perhaps due to its sterling combination of excellence and beauty that is why every person who own one treats it like a treasure. If you happen to own one of this status symbol accessory and want to cherish it until your lifetime, then you have to learn how to properly take care of your watch. Your basic knowledge on its maintenance will not only keep your expensive watch in mint condition for the years to come, but will make you feel that the watch you are wearing is always like brand new. It would be easily offered for resell too.

Below are some of the steps to keep in mind if you want to know how to properly care and maintain the preciousness of your high-end watch so you could keep it for a long time or sell it with less effort. Click here for a reputable marketplace for valuable watches.

Regularly wear and use your watch.

To keep your watch under a perfect running condition, you have to wear and use it on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure the constant flow of lubricants in movement, but if not, the lubricants may harden causing friction on its movement. If you think you cannot wear it regularly, at least once a week will do.

Clean your watches.

This kind of watch requires occasional upkeep and cleaning, just like any other work of technology and artistry. Relevant details on this are disclosed at Watch can accumulate dirt, grease and body oils in several places like on the area joining the case and the bezel, between the links on the bracelet, and around the Cyclops lens. When this dirt becomes obvious, a thorough cleaning will be required.

You can use the following to clean it up: lukewarm water, mild soap, toothbrush, soft and clean cotton cloth, and dry towel.

How to remove scratches from the bracelet of your watch?

Polish your watch once every few months; this will not just retain its brand new look but can also remove scratches from the polished center links with little time and effort expended. Make sure you use a good quality polishing cloth because this thing contains a special liquid specially made for polishing. You can find this in a store with items designed for removing scratches from polished gold surfaces and stainless steel.

High-end watches are often waterproof. Most of this kind of watches are tested and guaranteed waterproof under a depth rating of 330 feet. This means that you can use it while taking shower and while swimming. Proceed here for more info about selling and buying valuable watches.


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